How long does it last?

SMP with permanent pigments lasts 10+ years or more, with touch-ups recommended every 3-7 years. SMP with temporary pigments lasts 1-2 years, with touch-ups every 6 months to a year.

OK, what does it cost?

It depends on the amount you need. For filling in the corners of a receded hairline, it could be as low as $1200. For a fully bald large head, it could be $4300. The usual range is 2500~3500. We will give you a clear quote upon your FREE consultation.

Is it painful?

On a scale of 0-10, SMP is at 1 to 3 depending on the person and the part of the scalp. We offer optional pain management options to bring the discomfort way down, something other providers unfortunately don’t do.

Can I see what I will look like before getting it done?

Yes, we can offer you a virtual digital imaging preview of what you will look like with SMP, as well as an in-person preview directly on your scalp at the time of your free consultation.

Can I have more “hair” added? Can I change my hairline later?

Yes, we can always add “hair follicles” to lower the hairline or for more density or future hair loss. We usually design a softer and conservative hairline to start, and lower it later if needed and desired. It’s much easier to add than remove.

Can I go back to what I had before if I don't like it?

Yes. If you are on the fence about SMP, we recommend starting with temporary pigments, which will fade completely in 1~2 years. If you decide, we can transition seamlessly to permanent pigments later. Also, permanent SMP can be removed with 2~3 sessions of laser treatments if necessary, but I best avoided.

Can I have transplants after SMP?

Yes, no problem, in fact SMP can often enhance the results of hair transplant results.

Can I see real people who've had SMP?

Yes, upon your free consultation, you will be able to examine up close real SMP clients.

I have had hair transplants, can SMP help me?

Yes, in several ways. If you want to keep your hair and not shave your head, our SMP process can give you the appearance of fuller hair.  If you want to shave your head, we can blend the SMP with your transplants and give you the appearance of a full head of shaved hair. For scars, see below.

I have scars from previous hair transplant surgeries, can SMP help me?

Yes, our SMP process is really the best way to camouflage strip scars from FUT, round scars from plugs and FUE, and other scars caused by transplant procedures. We also offer additional techniques to conceal scars even further, which we will explain at the time of your consultation.

Is it like a tattoo?

SMP is similar to tattoos in some aspects, but the equipment, pigments, depth of delivery and techniques are completely different. PLEASE DO NOT ask your tattoo artist to “do” your head, unless they are fully trained and experienced in hair follicle replication. We have lasered and rescued too many heads done by tattoo artists untrained in SMP, and the clients ended paying thousands more, plus months of agony, wearing caps, living like hermits and worse. Not worth it.

Why have SMP done at California Hair Center?

We are experts in SMP. 

I trained in Europe over 2 years, where SMP is much more advanced and developed than in the USA. I personally trained at the headquarters of the most recognized SMP companies in the world. Since then, I have combined my 25+ years experience and knowledge in facial aesthetics and operatory procedures, as well as the latest techniques in facial cosmetics,  to develop new advancements in SMP that take the results to new levels, and with much better comfort for the patient.


Every treatment and procedure comes with our gold-standard guarantee and warranty.

We firmly stand behind all of our work and promise that the work we do is quality.  In our clinic we promise that you will be treated with respect and that all the work we do will be aimed at your satisfaction.  We believe in what we do!

We treat many patients who had SMP done elsewhere, in addition to hair transplant, scar, burn and alopecia sufferers.

We also offer the laser treatment to remove undesirable pigmentation safely if and when it is needed.  There is no reason to walk around with aesthetic treatments or conditions that make you unhappy with how you look!  Come talk to us and let us help you find a different path.


As a hair-loss sufferer and SMP patient myself, I’ve been there too, from medications to fibers to transplants to hair systems, I had to become an “expert” in all along the way.

So I deeply understand the issues, concerns and goals of my fellow patients, and I personally assure you that everything we do at California Hair Center is designed to give you the very best experience and result available anywhere.

As another bonus yet to getting the appearance of a full head of hair, you will be rewarded for helping other hair loss sufferers by sharing your experience with them.

Just a few referrals can make your SMP procedure Free, and after that you’ll actually be making money with your new looks!

What Sets Us Apart:

  • 25+ years experience in facial esthetics
  • Trained in the most advanced SMP centers in the world
  • medical grade procedures and environment
  • 100% natural undetectable results
  • Unique Effective Advanced pain-comfort management
  • Multi-disciplinary combination treatments for unrivaled results, not just black dots
  • We care because we’ve been there! I was a patient before you.
  • Unbeatable referral program: your SMP can end up being Free, and even make you $$!
  • VIP status, Special discounts, and exclusive first-in-line options for additional life-changing procedures, activities and opportunities as they come online, such as:

-Hormone Replacement Therapy

-Cosmetic procedures

-Elective Dental procedures and Smile make-overs

-Body make-overs and training

-Image make-overs

-Life and career coaching